Wednesday 26 August 2020

Designer Pack Sacks

 I had such a nice email the other day.  Maureen from Calgary sent a "help, are you still making pack sacks?"  Her two that she had from years ago, one as a gift from her sister and the other because see loved the first so much, have finally worn out.

The green one is at least 7 years old and the blue 4 years.  Funny story the quilt in the background was started by Maureen's grandmother, worked on by her mother and completed by me.  Not bad eh.

Back to pack sacks.

After sending Maureen a few photos of samples of fabric she chose silver and burgundy.

Out front there are 2 buttoned pockets (or zippered when requested) and 2 side pockets perfect for glasses, personal fan, or a small water bottle.  They are well made and washable.  

Both of the bags have 2 zippered pockets in the inside, A hidden pocket and a key chain holder.

The straps are adjustable and the drawstring is complete with a toggle.

They make awesome gifts and once you have used one of these designer bags you will never go back to a regular purse.   If you are interested stop by the shop to check out what's available or to chose the fabric that best suits you.  You can also be like Maureen and email me a request.  Check out Seriously Pinned at  for contact information.

Here is a picture of mine, stuffed and ready for any adventure I can throw at it.


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