Friday 19 June 2020

Worldy Travels

A wonderful quilt with fabrics showing travels of the world.  Maps, sea life, hieroglyphics and sailing the world.  Dorothy created this quilt she calls 'Travels'.

It was so funny that when we were discussing the topstitch pattern to go on the quilt we forgot to talk about the border. 

A sailing we will go.
So I carried the pattern into the border for this wonderful chandelier effect.  Being careful to leave at least a 1/2 inch so the binding does not cut off the ends of the chandeliers.  It is going to look great hanging along the edge of the bed.

The blue jean color thread was a perfect match for the quilt.  Not in your face but makes a light statement hump and bumping its way throughout the quilt.

 I especially liked the two 'flower' patterns made in the large triangle blocks with the double in the 4 patch. Almost like mapping the longitude lines of the world.

Look at the back.

Another wonderful quilt Dorothy.  A pleasure to quilt!

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