Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Warning Buoys

This has been one of the funniest and perhaps the ugliest quilt I've ever made.

So ugly that it is cute.  I remember the first time I started placing all of the circles on the checkered background, my son remarked that they reminded him of warning buoys.  So hence the name.

The quilt originated from the leftovers from a Melon quilt still in the works (waiting for the longarm).   4 triangles with a curve sewn together to make circles.  Then the back cut out from behind the appliqued   circles to make smaller circles.

Water and anchors
I love using all the pieces as I quilt.  It is always amazing what comes out of them.

To finish it off, water and anchors topstitched adds to the nautical theme.  Last but very important, don't forget to add the made by label.

Matching back.
Place of honour on the deck swing.

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