Wednesday 13 May 2020

The big box.

Pauline always sends me (from Vancouver) these wonderful boxes stuffed full of quilts tops she has made.  It is like Christmas in April  when opening.  She sent table toppers, lap quilts, candle mats, and as always, a little "ok, what are you going to do with this one".

Wonderful lap quilt.
Included in the box is also the backing she wants me to use.  I load as many of the small quilts onto one backing as possible saving Pauline a bit of money as I only charge for the overall dimensions of the backing and not the $50 minimum charge for each one.

These posted today are the first to be loaded.

Pauline also just lets me "go for it" and as she says do my artistic thing!

The lap quilt with all it's colorful 4 patches took on a spiky garden with climbing leaves.

Climbing garden.

So much fun to do.

Fitting onto this back included 2 table toppers in the most wonderful twisted pinwheels.

Look at all those pinwheels!

How do you topstitch a beautiful heart? Well with more hearts of course.

Look at all those hearts!

The second topper was fun to do with a mixture of ruler and free hand topstitching.

The perfect Christmas wreath.

I love having a solid color back to show off the quilting.

Click the photo to zoom.

Then of course comes  the "ok, what are you going to do with this one".  Pauline sent this little strip of 1930's retro patchwork.  Pondering for a bit, decided that a small pot holder or mug rug would be so cute for it.


She's going to love it and I am hoping she uses it as a mug rug while she is staying safe working from home and longingly looking at her sewing room.

Stay tune to see what other goodies were in Pauline's April box of goodies.

Just a note: as things are getting a bit busier I am hoping to post 2 blogs a week to be able to show off everyones wonderful creations. 

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