Wednesday 6 May 2020

Open your window

Open your window is the name of this very large and gorgeous quilt of Terry C's.  Spring is here and we should all be opening our windows to let in the sunshine in.

Open your window.

To hang Terry's quilt I had to lay it out on the floor 12" and around the one wall about the same.  I may have to find a larger display wall!

Made for a young man we decided to do a simple straight line meander or as it is better know - circuit board.

Circuit board pattern.

Making straight lines on the longarm is harder than you may expect and I have to admit that there may be a few not exactly straight lines.....but I bet you would be hard pressed to find them and that is the wonderful thing about hand driven and handmade, not perfect but gorgeous and personal.  I am not a



A fun quilt to do and I am so looking forward to loading the her next quilt.

On an entire different note....Tyler sent photos of the SOHO quilt to The Planetary Society and they selected it to go out on their weekly newsletter for the May 1, 2020 WOW of the Week.
I was just thrilled.  What a wonderful son I have.

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