Wednesday 1 April 2020


Clair took a class and look at the quilt she made.  Her first one at that. Wow!

Look at all the shapes.
Wanting to keep the natural feel to the quilt we decided on a mixture of ruler work and free hand loops with little daisies between all the blocks.  She also wanted to tone down the dark grey a bit and we achieved that by topstitching with a basic white thread.

Using the rulers and nice curved lines really accentuated the bright bold colors of Clair's quilt. 

love the shapes

I was careful trying to maintain the same density throughout the negative spaces of the quilt which at times was a challenge through narrow spaces. 

When Clair first brought the quilt to the studio she was unhappy with the back she had originally thought to go with.  After seeing the bright blue backing decided that was the bold pop she was looking for  and what a good decision as the back really shows off all the bright shapes of the front. 


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