Wednesday 8 April 2020

Christmas Stars

The first of Rose's 2 quilts is the Christmas Stars quilt.

Christmas Stars 

A beautiful quilt to work on.  Rose decided on ruler work, or 'humps and bumps' as I like to call them, then tying it all in with a meandering leaf pattern in the negative spaces.  

Ruler work to show off the stars.

The ruler work enhances and shows off the stars and squares of the quilt while making a beautiful flower shape to center the leaves.

Rose did a magnificent job of piecing this beautiful Christmas themed quilt.  I still enspire to make my points and joins as lovely as hers.

A wonderful quilt to bring out during the holidays and show off.  Or if you are like me, hang it up, drape it over a loved chair and show it off all year long!

Next post will be Rose's second quilt 'Never again' .... wow!


  1. You are very kind. Thank you for your awesome quilting!

  2. A awesome quilt to work on. It turned out beautiful!


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