Friday 10 November 2017

In the middle of all this renovating, we (my son and I) also decided to do a bit of purging.  A bit turned into a bit more and and a bit more again.  It felt great once it started and became easier as the purge went.  Things that had been stored in cupboards, closets, and under beds for the past years ...... gone.  Every Sunday for the past 2 months Tyler and I took 2 carts to the Salvation Army (thank goodness it is only 3 blocks away) twice.  Between Sundays I would have the 2 carts filled again.  

A lot of my fabric went to the Century House and to the Trout Lake Community Center and believe it or not I have just 2 boxes left of my favorites left.  No more hording a stash that I am never going to get to.  Over 10 boxes to a good home where they can get used.

Terry at 16 years 
The other big purge was my photos.  Having 11 photo albums that I couldn't remember the last time I took out to look at; I sat, had a cup (many over the weeks) and scanned all of my old photos, by date, into the computer.  It was a awesome thing to do.  I'd forgotten a lot of things and places and people over the years.  I was so nice to remember everything.  Some a little sad but the majority was fun, laughter, and good friends.  

Terry's rock garden in the making 1999

I was a little worried about throwing out all the originals but after thinking about it.... I never looked at them and at least this way I can put them as my screen saver and smile and enjoy them on a regular basis.  And just think 11 binders (2 more boxes) out the door.  I remember at 16 being able to throw everything into the old Chevy II, including the cat and off I would go.  I am so looking forward to being a gypsy again.  But maybe not in a Chevy II this time. lol

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