Monday 6 November 2017

I'm back

Life has been good and very busy the last few months.  I finally finished painting and cleaning the apartment and it looks great.  It took 3 weeks to finish the kitchen.   Ceilings were the hardest though and boy did they need it.  I'm not sure that they had ever been painted before.
Painting the ceiling.
I had to be careful with the first coat of paint as to much back and forth with the roller and the stucco started coming off.  Oh well, 6 rooms and 3 coats later and all done.

Next came the kitchen; only able to sand, clean and paint 3 cupboard doors at a time; just not enough space. So in between paint drying on the doors I was able to get 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and the hallway finished.  All hard work but total worth the stiff and sore muscles, occasional bruise ( a bit of a klutz sometimes) and sore feet (my own fault from not putting on shoes to climb the ladder).
Doors off getting painted
Nice clean and painted.
The light grey of the walls turned out beautiful and amazingly change color with the light.  Paired with a bright white trim and accessories, the rooms look classic and clean. 

We also changed out the bathroom vanity making them a lot more modern and updated, even the faucets, which are so cool.  They have LED lights in them that change color according to the temperature of the water.  How cool is that.  

our faucets

The condo goes up for sale tomorrow and a new chapter of the 'life of Terry' begins.  I am so excited. 
So... stay tuned, I promise to try and post on a regular basis for updates.  Besides we have a lot of crafty things to do and try. 

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