Monday 28 June 2021

In the trees.

 We are loving our new spot in the trees at Rockwood Park.  Even the kitties have been enjoying it more. Climbing trees and chasing after the squirrels.   I've been keeping up on the walking and here are a few shots of the flowers that abound in the park.

Phlox covering the hillside on the way up to Fisher lake.

Yellow iris here and there.

Purple iris alongside.

Of course we have to include the mommy duck and her babies.

With all the fog and rain the last few days it has been short walks and a lot of indoor time.  I'm working on getting to the center of the galaxy (No Man's Sky) and finishing up Tyler's Christmas sweater.  Almost done.
Carl likes to play too!!

I've been saying every evening when I go to bed that I'm going to pull out the sewing machine and finish making the bench covers.  And every morning find many other things to do.  Oh well I have lots of time and they are cut out (the bench fabric pieces),lol.

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