Monday 10 May 2021

Our new baby...Bella Donna!!

 We finally got our new Minni Winni home, six weeks after buying her but she is now all ready to go (well we do have to finish loading her).

We had 3 solar panels installed and should be good for off the grid boondocking.  Although since Tyler will still be working for another month we will be living in luxury at Rockwood Park. 

I keep wondering where everything is going but the nice thing about being parked right outside of the house is that you can move things inside and out as needed.  

We had a leak in the roof where the solar panel installer was a little cheap with the flex sealant, but Tyler climbed up and looked after that very quickly.  I think is was the guys first solar install.  

We moved in last Saturday and even the kitties are getting acclimated to the new home.  I think Carl remembers but not sure Sammy does as he was not a happy camper for the first few days.

Now just to finish purging, get the house cleaned up and then up the the campground and I am going to walk, lay around and do absolutely nothing for the first few days.  I'm pooped!!

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