Tuesday 9 March 2021

Almost too big!!

 Sandra brought in a quilt top that had been sitting in her closet for over 20 years and needed finishing.  It was huge and almost to big for the longarm at 122" wide!

It took every inch of space to load with no room left for the head.

Being Sandra's only quilt she has or will make (a direct quote) it was a little wonky in places and took a little fudging to finish.  Choosing the fan pattern I was able to move the paper copy a little this way and that with an absolute stunning finish.

Caulk pencil, a template and a ruler.

So large it had to be folded and draped to see only the center portion on the wall.  Hoping Sandy will send me a photo once it is bound and on her bed.  Now for some highlights.

The center.

The back.

Many borders.

Look at all the pretty fans.

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