Wednesday 3 February 2021

Victorian Thread Play

 Pauline ask if I could make a few small whole quilts for her that matched this photo.

She sent a bit of blue fabric with specific measurements that she needed.  2 - 11 x 18" and 3 - 8" squares.

This is what she got.  The first one I did in the more traditional color on color but was disappointed the the blue on blue just disappeared.  I had to 'go bold or go home' as the saying says.


You can hardly see the butterfly pattern in the top and as I used a black backing (and black batting) the blue came out with a little more detail.  Now for the gold!!


It turned out gorgeous.  And what a lot of fun to do.  I did draw out the pattern I wanted to do with a heat erase pen. 

Sorry for the camera color way to much light.

It was fun to draw out the basic design and then play with patterns in-between.

the 8" x 8" quilts

I decided not to fill in the empty spaces, which is a little untraditional but I really liked the look.  Thought it showed off the design and not overpower the overall piece.

It was a fun project and I think I'd like to make a bigger one, maybe with a medallion or a mariners compass for the theme.


  1. WOW! Amazing, love what you do!

  2. Thanks Tracy I really like doing this type of longarm work.


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