Wednesday 24 February 2021

January's big box 3


Nice panel.  Going to make a wonderful wall hanging.

Matching back.

Lots of water and echoing.

Isn't he beautiful?

Two more fun panels.

Sharing the same back.

A fun panel to do.

These were all quilted on my domestic machine.  Pauline had started a few of them making it hard
to finish on the longarm.  All were stitched using my walking foot. Even the curved and round stitching. 

See the little tea pot on the back.  These paper pieced cups are about 2" x 2".  So cute!!

Can you see the butterfly.  Going to make a wonderful bag.

Yes, done with the walking foot.

Small little quilts and I am unsure what Pauline has in mind for the odd shaped one?

Look at all the tiny little pieces.  Each about a half inch.

The largest of the lot.  

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