Friday, 22 January 2021

Ironing Table Cover

 Pauline sent me a request to make a ironing table cover.  Hers has seen better days and she needed an replacement.

After thinking about it and what I needed and how to go about it, I remembered that there was a large sample/test piece of fabric that had a layer of batting and 3 layers of poly/cotton that I use to play on or use to practice on.  So I filled in a few spots with random threads ( a great way to use up half finished bobbins) and these are photos of the final pad.

It is all made and ready to go in Pauline's next box from the west coast.  I cant wait to see how it looks when she sends a photo back of the ironing pad in place.

Practice makes for to much fun!!

Here is a photo of Pauline's new ironing table.  Looks great doesn't it?!!

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