Saturday, 19 December 2020

Terry's Koi Quilt

 I finally finished the Koi quilt for my bedroom. 

It was a challenge to longarm as I used a heavy micro fiber blanket for the back and still added a winter weight batting.

In order to pull it off I had to rise the hopping foot of the longarm and could only do the waves across the quilt in one direction.

With a lot of thread breaks, a bit of swearing and a few "never again" moments I managed to finish the quilt. 

One of the worst things was the clean up after.  Cutting the edge seams of the blanket meant that there was blue fuzz everywhere.

Nicely on the bed.
Having said all that it looks perfect on my bed and with the matching curtain (the start of all this) really gives my room the 'wow' factor.

Would I use another blanket like that with the batting...definitely NOT!

But, not bad for a quilt that took a day to put together using a panel of left over fabric from the curtain and the hand dyed fabric I made this summer.  Added a few meters of grey fabric, and the day on the longarm, a half day to bind on the sewing machine and day of re-calibrating my machine. A bit of clean up, and I have a very quick and stunning quilt to match my room.  And ... is it warm with just the perfect weight for sleeping in a cool room.  I love it!!

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