Friday 20 November 2020

Japanese Geisha's

 Included in the October Bos was a number of purse forms that Pauline ask me to topstitch..  They are beautiful.

A few I was able to put onto one backing with this way to cute wall hanging. 

Look at the beautiful paper piecing.
I decided to keep it simple and to try to show off the perfect little Geisha Girls.  But of course not being fond of a lot of meandering a few dragonflies just had to be added.

See the dragonflies?

But now to show off the little bag quilts. (I'll have to have Pauline send me a photo of them when they are finished).

Ginkgo leaves.

Ginkgo medallion.

Cute little lantern with simple grid and heart flower.

Cherry Blossoms.


Cherry blossoms.

The remainder of the bags were partially done by Pauline so I just had to add a few lines and couldn't resist adding a few Japanese words.

Just needed a bit of stitching in the ditch.  Pauline did the
hand stitching, something she finds difficult doing anymore.



Ginkgo leaves.

Hand stitched.

As you can tell it was a wonderful October box and once again I really enjoy the surprises that come with ever package Pauline sends.  Don't forget to check out Novembers Box....working on right now!!

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