Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Bright and Bold Botanicals

 When I phoned Lynne to pick up this quilt I asked if I could buy it.  I love the colors and the bright fabrics she picked.  

Of course she said no.... "you couldn't afford it"! lol!  She had made this for her and that was that.

I could see why and although I hated to see it out the door it gives me inspiration to make a bright and bold quilt for myself.

Lynne did such an awesome job of selecting just the right color and pattern to go in the right location in the blocks.

I also really liked how she placed a yellow row of centers then a orange row.  Zig-zaggy purple and wow. 

Bright pink back

Such a lovely and fun quilt Lynne, thanks for letting me topstitch it for you.  I had  fun adding the final touches to your quilt.

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