Saturday 12 September 2020

Page 2 of the Wonderful works of Pauline

 All ready for Christmas,  Poinsettias ribbons, bows and gifts galore.

Poinsettias work well in a square, especially when you can double or triple the  flower leaves.


Adding many to the back.

One of my favorites, radiating out from a center swirl.

Simple and elegant.  

Sparkle and stars.

A lovely pieced back.

Pauline also sent a panel of a hand embroidered motif.  Asking that I make it into a pillow sham.  A few bits of fabric from other works and a strip of green to match the photo she sent of her new quilt.  It turned out beautiful.

All in all a wonderful box full of boo's, glitter and gold, and pillows to dream on.

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