Saturday 13 June 2020

Roses from Ireland

Clair brought back all these wonderful old fashion fabrics from Ireland and wanted a topstitch pattern to match.
Irish chain quilt
Irish chain quilt.

Once she saw the rose garden pattern she was in love.  

Matched with a meandering leaf in the 9 patch blocks.

Roses surrounded by meandering leaves.

The pattern matched all the wonderful old world fabrics to a tee.  Using a very light butter yellow thread showed the topstitching better than matching it with white.  It was important to keep the same thread color tone as the overall color tone of the quilt.  

No two roses are the same,
      Clair is going to enjoy this quilts for many years and will always smile when it reminds her of her visit to Ireland.

A beautiful quilt with lovely old world charm.

The back, a perfect match.

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