Tuesday 26 May 2020

April Box 2

Not much commentary today just lots of show and tell photos of the remainder of Paulines April box.

Christmas wreath 
Christmas wreath back.

Pauline does such a beautiful job on her pinwheels.

Christmas table topper
Christmas table topper back.

Always fun to mix and match designs and to try something new.

How big.........is my love?   Growing every day!!

Hearts back.

Twisting Pinwheels a statement in black.


Statement in black back.

Statement in grey table runner
Statement in grey detail.
Statement in grey back.

And this lovely table covering or small throw.  I loved the simplicity of following the chains.

Simple but elegant chain quilt.

Chain quilt detail.

Chain quilt back.

As you could tell there were a lot of quilts in Paulines April Box.  I had a lot of fun coming up with just the right topstitch patterns for each.  Can hardly wait for the next box to see what she has been creating next.

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