Wednesday 29 January 2020

Pretty in Pink

At the last MPQG meeting I also rescued two quilt tops.  Both are dresden plate pattern and pretty in pink.  The first I put on the longarm and topstitched it in feathered scrolls.  One of my favorite free hand patterns that is pretty, has lots of movement and, well, easy to get into the groove to do.

The quilt top needed a bit of thread clipping, and a bit of push pull to smooth and even it all out.  Maybe I should have removed the borders and cut them down to size a bit but I have worked with harder quilt tops.  It was a good test for the new longarm.


Using a very light pink thread kept with the overall feel of the quilt without making the pink overbearing.

Front and back.
The binding fabric also came from the give away table and worked perfect for quilt making this a wonderful and pretty in pink charity quilt.  I haven't decided which charity to donate Seriously Pinned charity quilts to.  So right now the quilt is for sale at $100 with half going into the charity cash bucket.  The other half to help pay for the batting and thread used in the quilt.  This Pretty in Pink quilt is 53" x 70".  Perfect for a single bed.

The other smaller quilt I started last week was bound and double thickness added to make this wonderful small throw rug.  Now gracing the front door of the sunroom.

Best thing is that you can just throw it into the laundry when it gets a little dirty.

I'll close with the kitties helping me bind the Pretty in Pink quilt.  They are always so much

My two little helpers.

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