Thursday 6 July 2017

Thread Play

After 7 years of having the longarm I have collected a bit of thread.  Always meaning to use them for a abstract thread play quilt; I finally decided that today was the day.

I loaded a medium grey cotton fabric of approximately the width I thought I would need.  I really debated whether or not a batting was needed but in the end decided to add one.

Then came the cans and bags of fabric collected over the life of my longarm.  I'm sure I am missing a can but am not going to worry as I am pretty sure there is enough.  Amazing what one little coffee can can hold.

After hours, and hours of sorting through all the threads and matching colors (which I mean in the loosest of terms), picking out bits and pieces of batting, tape, fabric, and strange odd pieces of string, I had the basics.

Look at all the pretty colors.  My desk top looks like it holds a dozen rat nests.  In sorting I really tried not to sort out to much as I wanted the threads to blend and mix as I was longarming them.

A typical mix.

Then it was a matter of placing the thread on the grey backing and mixing, and mixing, and mixing.

Cover it with a water soluble stabilizer and I am all ready to start quilting.

Maybe tomorrow...... so stay tuned for the next stage of the Thread Play fun.

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