Thursday, 29 June 2017

Summer Pajama Shorts

I've been busy the last few days making pajama shorts, and a simple shift to go with my shorts.

It is fun to do something else besides quilting once in a while and I decided my son needed a pair as the flannel ones I made him for Xmas are just to warm.

Adding deep pockets so Tyler could carry his phone without it dropping out.
I found a very old pattern I had for draw string pants.  Made the pattern a little bit bigger and changed the elastic to a draw string.  Much nicer to be able to adjust the waist as you want.

Completing the hem.

I also made the shorts a little bit longer for him as requested.  No showing off his lily white legs. lol

They turned out great.

Tyler's shorts all completed.

I liked them so much I made a pair for me too. Then decided I needed a jammy top to go with and created this very simple pillowcase top.  I remembered them from long ago.  Light, easy and only takes about an hour to make.

New run around pajamas just for me.

The shorts take about 1.5 hours.

So I already have another pair cut out and ready to put together.

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